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How to use embarassing in a sentence. Embarassing pronunciation.

He followed me until it was less embarassing for me to let him walk with me and talk his head off.
Having succeeded so well by the effect of conflagration, the enemy set fire to the Toll house and some other cabbins on the left near the Bridge, for the purpose of embarassing and confusing the garrison; during this operation, they were seen throwing their dead into the flames, for the purpose, it was thought of evading discovery.
I went back to the embarassing meeting with Dr Campbell in the library, and as I thought over it I felt the warm blood rising within me and suffusing both my cheeks, as it is wont to do when any of the blunders of my life come back to me in my reverie.

Examples of Embarassing

Example #1
He made love to me.
Example #2
If he works any more I don't know when, unless it's when I'm asleep.
Example #3
The Battle had now lasted near six hours: about five in the evening the approach of succour was descried from the house-the hopes of all were elevated and they fought with renovated vigour.
Example #4
Mr. Allen, young Mr. T. Tyrrell, and two others escaped by leaping from a window twenty foot high into an hay-yard, from whence under cover of a wall which divided it from the garden they escaped into the house.
Example #5
What was most vexing to all in this case was that I could not resolve my floating memories of him into any definite outline or form, he was a mere shadow to me, that had flitted across my way for a short moment and then left me bewildered and wondering.
Example #6
In a few moments I was far outside the limits of Notre Dame Abbey, hovering in spirit around the neighborhood of my home, calling up those faces and forms that had impressed me more than others.