Emphasis in a sentence

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How to use emphasis in a sentence. Emphasis pronunciation.

Mr. Roach, on taking leave of, him at the door, said, with marked emphasis,- "Not for my personal satisfaction,-remember that.
Then he began, with solemn emphasis- '"Boys, you hear me!
After I had finished the story of Billy's final triumph and of Craig's part in it, they sat long silent, till the minister, clearing his throat hard and blowing his nose more like a trumpet than ever, said with great emphasis- 'Thank God for such a man in such a place!

Examples of Emphasis

Example #1
Whenever you hear my conversion discussed in the world, say that from my own lips you heard these words,-NOT FOR MY PERSONAL SATISFACTION.
Example #2
Kenelm soon rose to depart.
Example #3
She's a No. 1, triple X, the pure quill with a bead on it: she's a-," and for the first time in his Black Rock history Abe was stuck for a word.
Example #4
He was evidently quite worked up.
Example #5
Then Graeme asked me to finish the tale.
Example #6
The old gentleman blew his nose like a trumpet, and then said gravely- 'No, my boy, you don't feed babes with meat.