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Definition of Emulgent

  • Pertaining to the kidneys; renal; as, emulgent arteries and veins.

How to use emulgent in a sentence. Emulgent pronunciation.

The kidneys through the emulgent veins draw that aquosity from thence which you call urine, and there send it away through the ureters to be slipped downwards; where, in a lower receptacle, and proper for it, to wit, the bladder, it is kept, and stayeth there until an opportunity to void it out in his due time.
The bones, like three-cornered The emulgent veins, like two cheesecakes.

Examples of Emulgent

Example #1
The spleen draweth from the blood its terrestrial part, viz., the grounds, lees, or thick substance settled in the bottom thereof, which you term melancholy.
Example #2
Then is it that every member doth prepare itself, and strive anew to purify and to refine this treasure.
Example #3
Sound bodies lined With a good mind, Do here pursue with might Grace, honour, praise, delight.
Example #4
Here sojourn day and night.