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How to use english-i in a sentence. English-i pronunciation.

I don't hate even the English-I despise them.
He preaches in English-I think for the last time this season-on Thursday evening next.
Even were it not so, you are too young to take part in such strife, but when you attain the age of manhood, if you should still wish to join the bands of Wallace-that is, if he be still able to make head against the English-I will not say nay.

Examples of English-i

Example #1
I despise my people too; even more, because they began this war.
Example #2
I despise all the peoples.
Example #3
If you wish to see him, you must do what I have done-you must go to church and look at him in the pulpit.
Example #4
I have even heard that he refuses to receive letters from England.
Example #5
Here, my son, is your father's sword.
Example #6
Until that time comes, my son, resistance against the English power is vain.