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Definition of Enlarger

  • One who or that which enlarges.
  • an optical device for making copies of photographs larger than the original, having a head for holding the original, a source of illumination to project the image, and a bed for holding the sensitized photographic paper which will received the larger image.
  • photographic equipment consisting of an optical projector used to enlarge a photograph

How to use enlarger in a sentence. Enlarger pronunciation.

There isn't time now to go into the thing more deeply, but if it becomes necessary I can go back to it with the aid of the camera lucida and the microscopic enlarger, as well as this specially constructed document camera with lenses certified by the government.
But in sober truth, Pope, whether as a gardener or as a poet, required no enlarger or improver of his works.

Examples of Enlarger

Example #1
If it comes to a show-down I suppose I shall have to prove my point with the micrometer measurements down to the fifty- thousandth part of an inch.
Example #2
I should say it was all very recent, approximately within the last two months or six weeks, and I believe that whenever the stock may have been issued it at least was all forged at the same time.
Example #3
After Sir William Stanhope had left Pope's villa it came into the possession of Lord Mendip, who exhibited a proper respect for the poet's memory; but when in 1807 it was sold to the Baroness Howe, that lady pulled down the house and built another.
Example #4
The place subsequently came into the possession of a Mr. Young.