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Definition of Enrapture

  • To transport with pleasure; to delight beyond measure; to enravish.
  • hold spellbound

How to use enrapture in a sentence. Enrapture pronunciation.

Strengthen their backs, gird up their loins, and enrapture their hearts with the most mighty signs of Thy love.
There he would speak to her of the joys of the angels and of the Heavenly Bridegroom, and enrapture himself and her with descriptions of heaven and of the streams of love which had flowed through the hearts of all the saints.
Counterparts" is a novel of ideal life; it is the land of one's dreams and one's delights; its dwellers are more real to us than the men and women into whose eyes we look upon the street, they haunt us and enrapture us, they breathe about us an atmosphere of gentle and delicious melancholy like the soft azure haze spread over meadow and hills by the faint south-wind.
It enraptures the artist and enthuses even ordinarily prosy folks.
It ever reveals new depths that we fail to fathom, new heights that we can not scale, and new beauties that enrapture our vision.
I gazed upon the scene, and its influence seemed to exalt and enrapture my spirit.
Every bird that attained to this nest learned a melody and also taught the birds of the meadows the divine harmony which moves and enraptures the East and the West.
We recited unto them verses that would enrapture the dwellers of the heavenly Dominion and the inmates of the Kingdom on high, and yet they departed veiled therefrom, and hearkened rather unto the voice of him who is but a servant of God and a mere creation of His Will.
Follow in My way and enrapture the hearts of men through remembrance of Me, the Almighty, the Most Exalted.
Ah, I shall enrapture these good Romans, I think!
Antonyms: disenchantment, repellence, disillusionment. charm, v. enchant, fascinate, enamor, infatuate, enrapture, bewitch, captivate; allay, soothe, subdue.

Examples of Enrapture

Example #1
Verily, they are weak, and Thou art the Powerful and the Mighty; they are impotent, and Thou art the Helper and the Merciful. O Lord!
Example #2
Make manifest in Thy lands humble and submissive souls, their faces illumined with the rays of guidance, severed from the world, extolling Thy Name, uttering Thy praise, and diffusing the fragrance of Thy holiness amongst mankind.
Example #3
Mrs. Kluge was proud of the preference shown to her daughter; but the salvation of her soul did not make her lose sight of her earthly lot.
Example #4
He would send for this girl of eleven to come to him in his study, which the old housekeeper only got leave to enter three times a year.
Example #5
With fresh incident on every leaf, with a charm in every scene, its spell is enthralling, and its chapters are enchanted.
Example #6
And perhaps the same occurred more emphatically to Miss Sheppard, for after Seraphael she drew Bernard,-Bernard, who is exceeded by none in the whole range of romance.