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He has a _character_, that is, a tendency or determination to this quality or that, in excess; whereas a nature truly divine must be _in equilibrio_ as to all qualities, and comprehend them all, in the way that a _genus_ comprehends the subordinate _species_.
For, assume the utmost disinterestedness, veracity, and sound judgment in the witness, with the utmost advantage in the circumstances for giving full play to those qualities; even in such a case the value of affirmative testimony could, at the very utmost, be equal to the negative value on the other side the equation: and the result would be, to keep my faith suspended _in equilibrio_.
Si la propiedad intelectual fuera negociada por medio de un equilibrio de principios en lugar del juego del poder y del dinero que vemos a menudo, quizás sería posible lograr un arreglo razonable.
Suppose AC to be a lever, held in equilibrio by the force B and weight W, then the whole momentum exerted at B must be equal to that at W, but the forces will be different.

Examples of Equilibrio

Example #1
He has even a personal history: he has passed through certain adventures, faced certain dangers, and survived hostilities that, at one time, were doubtful in their issue.
Example #2
Except for the accident of his power, he is merely a man.
Example #3
But in any real case, ever likely to come before us, the result will be worse; for the affirmative testimony will be sure to fall in many ways below its ideal maximum; leaving, therefore, for the final result a considerable excess to the negative side of the equation.
Example #4
Therefore, assume the resistance to credibility, in any preternatural occurrence, as equal to x, and the very ideal or possible value of human testimony as no more than x, in that case, under the most favorable circumstances conceivable, the argument for and against a miracle will be equal; or, expressing the human testimony by x, affected with the affirmative sign [+x]; and expressing the resistance to credibility on the other side of the equation, by x, affected with the negative sign [-x], the two values will, in algebraical language, destroy each other, and the result will be = 0.
Example #5
Donnaíle, European Minority Languages is a list of minority languages by alphabetic order and by language family.
Example #6
Interview 31/05/2001] *Interview of August 18, 1998 = How do you see the growth of a multilingual Web?