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How to use equip in a sentence. Equip pronunciation.

Over in a dimly lit corner, dimmer than elsewhere, Scott saw a number of people fiddling with an array of computers and equip- ment that looked surprisingly familiar.
Treasury argued that they had already adapted DES, their constituents had spent millions on DES equip- ment for EFT and it would be entirely too cumbersome and expen- sive to make a change now.
They all use Fault Tolerant equip- ment, that's spares of everything, off site backup of all records - I've checked into it.
You have more equip- ment in there than . . .

Examples of Equip

Example #1
As he approached he experienced an immediate rush of dja vu.
Example #2
He merely shook his head and moved on, thanking the makers of the eavesdropping machines for their demonstrations.
Example #3
Besides, they asked, what's wrong with DES?
Example #4
The NSA put a lot of political muscle behind an effort to have DES deaffirmed and replaced with newer encryption algorithms.
Example #5
The Congressional Budget Office announced late yesterday that it was requesting over $1 Million in emergency funding to counter a devastating failure of Congress's computers.
Example #6
Most of the computers used by both Senators and Representatives are Apple Macintosh, but Apple Computer issued a quick statement denying any connection between the massive failures and any production problems in their machines.