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How to use erra in a sentence. Erra pronunciation.

Erras, Lyde: ego omnem rem scio quem ad modumst.
Toute la nuit il erra au hasard, cherchant un peu de fraîcheur pour sa tête brûlante, demandant un peu de calme à une lassitude excessive.
Out of that pile I raked the _thirteenth_ known copy of Blind Harry's famed poem, a black-letter Euphues Lely, an _Erra Pater_ (a very weak-minded friend _actually shamed_ me out of making a copy of this great curiosity, telling me it was silly and childish of me to be so pleased with old trash), and many more marvels, which were so little esteemed in Princeton, that one of the professors, seeing me daft with delight over my finds, told me I was quite welcome to keep them all; but I, who better knew their _great_ value, would not avail myself of the offer, reflecting that a time would come when these treasures would be properly valued.

Examples of Erra

Example #1
Lydus: I know all about the matter, just how it stands.
Example #2
That’s a false charge of yours, and Pistoclerus is innocent.
Example #3
Fou que je suis! se disait-il, mille fois fou d'avoir espéré, d'avoir cru qu'elle m'aimerait jamais.
Example #4
Insensé! comment ai-je osé rêver la possession de tant de grâces, de noblesse et de beauté!
Example #5
God knows it was a _terrible_ temptation to me, and such as I hope I may never have again-_ne inducas nos in temptationem_!
Example #6
There was in one corner in a waste-room at least two cart-loads of old books in a cobwebbed dusty pile.