Errd in a sentence

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How to use errd in a sentence. Errd pronunciation.

Think'st thou I can remember That Hother e'er has err'd? HOTHER.
I seem'd to sink upon the ground; But err'd, for I was fastly bound.
But confidence then bore thee on, secure Either to meet no danger, or to finde Matter of glorious trial; and perhaps I also err'd in overmuch admiring What seemd in thee so perfet, that I thought No evil durst attempt thee, but I rue That errour now, which is become my crime, And thou th' accuser.
He err'd not, for by this the heav'nly Bands Down from a Skie of Jasper lighted now In Paradise, and on a Hill made alt, A glorious Apparition, had not doubt And carnal fear that day dimm'd ADAMS eye.

Examples of Errd

Example #1
If thou hast ever lov'd me- HOTHER.
Example #2
Once more, my bride! NANNA.
Example #3
My heart turn'd sick, my brain grew sore.
Example #4
The earth gave way, the skies roll'd round.
Example #5
Thus it shall befall Him who to worth in Women overtrusting Lets her Will rule; restraint she will not brook, And left to her self, if evil thence ensue, Shee first his weak indulgence will accuse.
Example #6
I warn'd thee, I admonish'd thee, foretold The danger, and the lurking Enemie That lay in wait; beyond this had bin force, And force upon free Will hath here no place.