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How to use erringly in a sentence. Erringly pronunciation.

I know not in what valley they wander erringly: do they not see that they depart and return not?
I know not how long they shall ride the steed of desire and wander erringly in the desert of heedlessness and error.
Thus, their language and their hearts worship the divinity of the latter, while their conduct strays the most erringly towards the false shrines over which the former presides.
Blindly, unwittingly, erringly as Dickens often urged them, these ideals mark the whole tendency of his fiction, and they are what endear him to the heart, and will keep him dear to it long after many a cunninger artificer in letters has passed into forgetfulness.

Examples of Erringly

Example #1
How long will they be famous in the low countries and in the high, descend and ascend?
Example #2
Will they deny it when they know it?
Example #3
Of glory shall any glory endure, or of abasement any abasement?
Example #4
Or shall he endure who used to stay himself on high cushions, and who attained in splendor the utmost limit?
Example #5
One is too apt to believe men hypocrites, if their conduct squares not with their sentiments; but perhaps no vice is more rare, for no task is more difficult, than systematic hypocrisy; and the same susceptibility which exposes men to be easily impressed by the allurements of vice renders them at heart most struck by the loveliness of virtue.
Example #6
We make vast promises to ourselves; and a passion, an example, sweeps even the remembrance of those promises from our minds.