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Perhaps it is just fractiousness of an old man, but countless repetitions of such statements, in one form or another, have irritated me to the point of action-and before going further, let me say, for the benefit of my Zenian friends, that if they care to dig deeply enough into the archives, somewhere they will find a brief report of these adventures recorded in the log of one of my old ships, the _Ertak_, now scrapped and forgotten.
I commanded the _Ertak_ during practically her entire active life.
Sometimes, when memory brings back those old days, it seems hard for me to believe that John Hanson, Commander of the _Ertak_, and old John Hanson, retired, and a spinner of ancient yarns, are one and the same-but I must get on to my story, for youth is impatient, and from "old man" to "old fool" is a short leap for a youthful mind.
It was not so even in the days of the _Ertak_.
There was much routine patrolling, and the _Ertak_ drew her full share of this type of duty.
Set the _Ertak_ down as close as possible.
From every section of the city, great swarms of people were flocking in the direction of the spot toward which the _Ertak_ was settling, on foot and in long, slim vehicles of some kind that apparently carried several people.
There were many questions in my mind, but I could not be outdone in courtesy by this kindly Strobian. "I am John Hanson," I told him, "Commander of the Special Patrol Service ship _Ertak_.
Not all the companies, however, for perhaps a thousand men, in all, formed a great hollow square about the _Ertak_, a great motionless guard of honor, clad in kirtles like the pennon-bearers in the procession, save that their kirtles were longer, and pale green in color.
We marched on and on, into the city, down the wide streets, walled with soaring buildings that shone with an iridescent lustre, toward the great domed building I had seen from the _Ertak_. The streets were utterly deserted, and when we came close to the building I saw why.
Present my compliments to Mr. Correy, and instruct him as follows: He is to withdraw the outside guard instantly, and proceed with the _Ertak_ to the large domed building in the center of the city.
He will bring the _Ertak_ to rest at the lowest possible altitude above the building, and receive further orders at that time.
As we came out into the daylight, a silent shadow fell across the great avenue that ran before the entrance, and there, barely clearing the shining roof of the auditorium, was the sleek, fat bulk of the _Ertak_. Correy had wasted no time in obeying orders.
He gave a command, and as though the microphone itself released the bomb, it dropped from the bottom of the _Ertak_ and diminished swiftly as it hurtled earthward.
He gave the orders to the operating room, and the _Ertak_ swung in a great circle toward the gleaming city of the Libars.
We left just as darkness was falling, and as I shot up to the hovering _Ertak_, the chant of Artur and his bright-robed fellows was the last sound of Strobus that fell upon my ears.
But he did take strong root where he fell in his clumsy craft, and if this record, supported only by the log of the _Ertak_, needs further proof, some five or six full generations from now Strobus will be close enough for doubting Zenians to visit.

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Except, perhaps, by some few like myself, who knew and loved her when she was one of the newest and finest ships of the Service.
Example #2
I commanded the _Ertak_ during practically her entire active life.
Example #3
Those were the days when John Hanson was not an old man, writing of brave deeds, but a youngster of half a century, or thereabouts, and full of spirit.