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Definition of Escorial

  • A palace and mausoleum of the kings of Spain, being a vast and wonderful structure about twenty-five miles northwest of Madrid; called also escurial. It was erected in 1563-1584 and contains a monastery.

How to use escorial in a sentence. Escorial pronunciation.

At the same time, with a sarcastic fling at the erection of the Escorial, he advised Philip to improve this new success in some more practical way than by building a house for the Lord and a sepulchre for the dead.
The King was at vespers in the Escorial.
The arrangement seemed to him about as reasonable as it would have been to invite Sultan Selim to the Escorial, and to send Philip to reside at Bayonne.
By taking Matthias wholly into his own possession, he obtained one piece the more in the great game which he was playing against his antagonist in the Escorial.
It had been Don John's dying request to Philip that his remains might be buried in the Escorial by the side of his imperial father, and the prayer being granted, the royal order in due time arrived for the transportation of the corpse to Spain.
From Borneo to California the great ocean was but a Spanish lake, as much the king's private property as his fish-ponds at the Escorial with their carp and perch.
A messenger, coming post-haste from the captain-general, arrived in the early days of October at the Escorial.

Examples of Escorial

Example #1
Alva wrote, with enthusiasm, to congratulate him; pronouncing the victory the most brilliant one ever achieved by Christians, and Don John the greatest general since the death of Julius Caesar.
Example #2
But whatever the cause of the victory, its consequence was to spread the name and fame of Don John of Austria throughout the world.
Example #3
Entering the sacred precincts, breathless, travel-stained, excited, the messenger found Philip impassible as marble to the wondrous news.
Example #4
A courier, despatched post haste to Spain, bore the glorious news, together with the sacred, standard of the Prophet, the holy of holies, inscribed with the name of Allah twenty-eight thousand nine hundred times, always kept in Mecca during peace, and never since the conquest of Constantinople lost in battle before.
Example #5
He could not but regard the whole proposition as an insolent declaration of war.
Example #6
It was too much to expect that the choleric soldier would be content with what he could not help regarding as a dishonorable capitulation.