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Two large and dazzlingly white swans, watching their mistress eagerly, in expectation of receiving their usual titbits from her hands, swam close to the bank, following her steps as if escorting her.
He said it was quite time she was walking out; he told Philip that she was very proud, and would have nothing to do with aspirants to that honour who lined up at the door, two by two, outside the Sunday school and craved the honour of escorting her home.
But the envied of all men was Major Alan Hawke, escorting Madame Louison for a week over the storied plains of the Jumna.
She gravely eyed the two escorting officials of the bank.
The square was filled with cavalry, escorting wagons loaded with the archives, plate, and pictures, of the government.
My janissaries, to whom I gave a week's pay, insisted upon escorting me, fully equipped, as far as the boat, which made the adjutant laugh all the way.
I turned to Santoris and in a quiet voice thanked him for his kindness in escorting me to Loch Coruisk, and for the pleasant afternoon we had passed.
Whereupon Francis Ardry told me that he had been much engaged in his oratorical exercises, also in escorting the young Frenchwoman about to places of public amusement; he then again questioned me as to the reason of my not having been to see him.
They were camping in a valley; they were escorting a small party of people who had come to look at ruins-Diaz was President then.
She avoided raising her motor veil, and, immediately the business was concluded, took her departure, Mr. Smith escorting her as far as the door.
As to his escorting her back to England in two or three weeks, that was just a lie!
While he waited he looked round on the painted women, on the men escorting them, on the loungers with their newspapers and cigars, the shouting, supercilious waiters.
Meanwhile young Fulkeward was escorting Armand Gervase through several narrow by-streets, talking to him as well as he knew how and trying in his feeble way to "draw him out," in which task he met with but indifferent success.
Shortly thereafter, a gibbering lunatic got on the screen and threatened the escorting rocket.
He had a company of soldiers at Fort Zara for the purpose of escorting the mail from one station to another.
I remember one day waiting in the great gallery for the King's retiring, when he entered with all his family and the whole pack, who were escorting him.
Behind him was General Scharnhorst, escorting Madame von Blucher.
But for escorting his daughter to the ball, Mr. Hassal would have gone himself to the place and seen about it in person.
When she crossed the pavement from the shop door, the shopman bowing and escorting her to the carriage, Nicholas chanced to be standing at the road-waggon office, talking to the master of the waggons.
Doubtless he had intended escorting her home, but when the frightful tragedy was completed, the curse of Cain drove him, in terror, to instant flight; and he sought safety in western wilds, leaving his innocent and hapless betrothed to bear the penalty of his crime.

Examples of Escorting

Example #1
She walked slowly along the bank of the lake, her head bowed, and the long skirt of her mourning-robe sweeping the grass.
Example #2
Suddenly the Comte de Camors appeared before her.
Example #3
While she placed the things on the table her father chaffed her.
Example #4
In the hall the doctor stopped.
Example #5
When Madame Berthe Louison and her two body servants took the Calcutta train, local society jumped to its sage conclusion.
Example #6
Three days later, Delhi missed Hugh Johnstone from the afternoon drives, which showed Madame Louison and Nadine to an eager bevy of Madame Grundys.