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How to use eskele in a sentence. Eskele pronunciation.

Eskeles Flies stroked her dark hair, and pressed a kiss upon her brow.
Play your game cautiously, and let us hear the chink of Herr Eskeles Flies' gold near the rustling of our fragile bank-notes.
So saying, Eskeles Flies opened the door, and the count looked out with dismay.
Once there, Eskeles Flies, in a loud voice, bade him adieu, and requested to know whether he should accompany him farther.
He wanted gold, and cared very little whence it came," cried Eskeles Flies, with a contemptuous shrug.
Baron Eskeles Flies repeated his oath, and the pale victim spoke the words after him.
So saying, Baron Eskeles Flies left the room.
It was written by Baron Eskeles Flies to a commercial friend in Amsterdam.
It stated that he (Eskeles Flies) had just received a communication of such vital importance that it was worth much more to him than the thousand ducats he had paid to his informer.
Eskeles lifted his eyes slowly to the paper, and seemed surprised.
Eskeles perused it eagerly, and then, murmured in a voice of exceeding contrition, "Ay, it is there.
There is no logic in your lies, Baron Eskeles.
And with these words Eskeles drew a paper from his bosom.
Eskeles Flies returned the paper to his bosom.
Her name is Rachel Eskeles Flies.
The same evening, Baron Eskeles Flies left his hotel on foot, and hastily traversing the streets, stopped before a house where, ascending to the second story, he rang the bell.
When he spoke of the question relating to the thousand ducats, Eskeles Flies interrupted him.
This last one was Baron Eskeles Flies.
Herr Eskeles thanked them, and putting a ducat in the hand of each, the men departed in a state of supreme satisfaction.
She is Rachel Eskeles Flies.

Examples of Eskele

Example #1
The emperor, meanwhile, stood by laughing, until the last wagon was out of sight.
Example #2
Everybody was astonished, and everybody was disappointed.
Example #3
Now tell me how I must cook them.
Example #4
Three for your husband, and five for me.
Example #5
The long hall was lined on both sides with the liveried servants of the banker, each holding in his hand a wax-light, whose yellow flame flared to and fro, as the air from the open door below came in fitful puffs up the wide marble staircase.
Example #6
And as she is never mistaken, the abbess has prepared all things for her majesty's reception.