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How to use essendale in a sentence. Essendale pronunciation.

I learned that the poor boy had almost collapsed after the election and was now yachting with young Lord Essendale somewhere about the Hebrides.
I'm in the stalls with Harry Essendale.
An hour or so later after we had seen Agatha home, and Dale had incidentally chucked Lord Essendale (the phrase is his own), we were sitting over whisky and soda and cigars in my Victoria Street flat.
Then Essendale took me away yachting, and I had a quiet time to think; and after that I somehow took to seeing more of Maisie.

Examples of Essendale

Example #1
Agatha had not seen him, but Lady Kynnersley had called on her one day in a distracted frame of mind, bitterly reproaching me for the unhappiness of her son.
Example #2
I took advantage of the next interval of quiet to inquire after Dale.
Example #3
I tried to catch your eye, but couldn't.
Example #4
He came forward to Agatha, who was little less astounded than myself.
Example #5
The ingenuousness of youth had insisted on this prolongation of our meeting.
Example #6
I looked at the dog football match with the interest of a Sheffield puddler at a Cup-tie, and clapped my hands.