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Le palais du gouverneur est assez grand; sa construction est tout a fait europeenne.
Among the French," says the intelligent and judicious author of the Caractere des Armées Europeennes, "the seat of the passions is in the head-they feel rather from the fancy than the heart-their feelings are nothing more than thoughts.
The grand characteristic of the French army, on which both the soldiers and the people pride themselves, is what was long ago ably pointed out by the author of the "Caractere des Armées Europeennes Actuelles"-the individual intelligence and activity of the soldiers.

Examples of Europeenne

Example #1
Pour les premiers que nous avions, conduits jusqu'aupres de Moscou, nous les avions laisses, par ordre, a l'entree de la ville.
Example #2
Derriere le palais se trouve une cour tres vaste, entouree de batiments a l'usage des domestiques.
Example #3
Another striking feature of the French character, connected with the preceding, is the openness, and even eagerness, with which they communicate all their thoughts and feelings to each other, and even to strangers.
Example #4
They speak of virtue almost uniformly, not as an object of rational approbation and imitation, and still less as a rule of moral obligation, but as a matter of _feeling and taste_. A French officer, who describes to you, in the liveliest manner, and with all the appearance of unfeigned sympathy, the miseries and devastations occasioned by his countrymen among the unoffending inhabitants of foreign states, proceeds, in the same breath, to declaim with enthusiastic admiration on the untarnished honour of the French arms, and the great mind of the Emperor.
Example #5
They were taken at that early age, when the influence of previous habit is small, and when the character is easily moulded into any form that is wished; they were accustomed to pride themselves on no qualities, but those which are serviceable against their enemies, and they had before them the most animating prospect of rewards and promotion, if their conduct was distinguished.
Example #6
The general interest of a nation in the deeds and honours of its army, is the best possible security for its general conduct; and it must be admitted, that in those qualities which are chiefly valued by the French nation, the French army was never surpassed; while it is equally obvious, that both the army and the people have at present little regard for some of the finest virtues which can adorn the character of soldiers.