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The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception_ (chapter on “the Occult Analysis of Genesis”), that the Hebrew text speaks of an _ever-existing essence_, as the basis whence all forms, the earth and the heavenly lights included, were first created, and John also gives the same teaching.
Etheric sight, distinguished from spiritual, 66; extension of physical, 65; penetrates opaque substances, 66; shows all objects same color, 67. Ethers, separation of, 136. Ever-existing essence, 107.
But twenty days old, and thou canst already walk, and talk with thy mouth!"[17] Abraham: "So it is, and thus, O my mother, it is made known unto thee that there is in the world a great, terrible, living, and ever-existing God, who doth see, but who cannot be seen.
Acknowledge Him, and repeat after me the words: The Eternal is God, the Only One, and there is none beside; He is incorporeal, living, ever-existing; He slumbers not and sleeps not, who hath created the world that men might believe in Him.
But if the ever-existing gods have made him a warrior, do they therefore give him the right to utter insults?
The other ever-existing gods, however, repaired to Olympus, some indeed indignant, but others greatly boasting.

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Example #1
The Greek word _arche_, in the opening sentence of the gospel of St. John has been translated _the beginning_, and it may be said to have that meaning, but it also has other valid interpretations, vastly more significant of the idea John wished to convey.
Example #2
It means:—an elementary condition,—a chief source,—a first principle,—primordial matter.
Example #3
Evil and good acts recorded by breath, 38; destruction of, 39; transmutation of, to good, 158. Evolution, from life to life, 53; manifests in rest and activity, 42; of vehicles, manner of, 185; persistent unfoldment in, 42. Fairies, spirits of the mountains, 70. Fate, ripe, unavoidability of, 184. Faults, correction of, 169. Feeling, right, increases conscience, 172.
Example #4
Ether, reflecting _see_ Reflecting ether.
Example #5
He is in the heavens above, and the whole earth is full of His glory.
Example #6
The mother: "My son, how thou art grown!