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Believe me that the thought of you is an ever-new delight to my heart.
He is seeing a customer out, and improving the occasion by the utterance of certain sentiments; and I had time to see that the customer, convinced, nodded assent, and that Monsieur Pocard, the oracle, was caressing his white and ever-new beard with his luminous hand.
Its own weakness and sin, the ever-new corruptions of its belief and paring of its creed, the imperfections of its life and the worldliness of its heart, the abounding evils that lie around it and the actual hostility of many that look upon it and say, Raze it, even to the ground, would have smitten it to the dust long since.
It was constant change and ever-new delight.
And ever-new surprises, new grottoes and groves in those rich halls offered themselves to the eyes of the beholders.
There were inscriptions on the panels of the singing-gallery, telling of benefactions to the poor of Shepperton, with an involuted elegance of capitals and final flourishes, which my alphabetic erudition traced with ever-new delight.
Legislation is, to be sure, continually on the increase, shutting men out from the ever-new ways they discover to prey upon their fellows.
The few facts imparted should suggest the vast fields beyond, and stir youth to that passion for truth which shall lead to ever-new vistas and farther horizons.
Artists and poets, and those who immerse themselves constantly in the pleasures of sense, tend to chafe under the dull repressions of morality and crave ever-new forms of excitement.

Examples of Ever-new

Example #1
Be thanked for your love!
Example #2
Farewell, dearest, most unique of friends.
Example #3
His transparent door, with its arched inscription, opens just as I pass, and under the soap-dish,[1] whose jingle summons customers, Monsieur Justin Pocard himself appears, along with a rich gust of scented light.
Example #4
Through the semi-darkness, a luminous movement peoples the hairdresser's shop, and takes shape on the dull screen of his window.
Example #5
If it had been possible to destroy the Church of the living God, it had been gone long, long ago.
Example #6
For the individual and for the community, for the great society and for each of the single souls that make it up, the history of the past may seal the pledge which He gives for the future.