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Likewise in the spiritual realm of intelligence and idealism there must be a center of illumination, and that center is the everlasting, ever-shining Sun, the Word of God.
I can appreciate perfectly that it must cause you to feel wretchedly for some time; but the self-satisfaction it must eventually bring you, will gradually but surely overcome the first disappointment and regret, just as the ever-shining sun pierces and dissipates the heaviest storm cloud.

Examples of Ever-shining

Example #1
Its lights are the lights of reality which have shone upon humanity, illumining the realm of thought and morals, conferring the bounties of the divine world upon man.
Example #2
All illumination of our planetary system proceeds or emanates from the solar center.
Example #3
Your course has my emphatic approval.
Example #4
But should I lose George through this, I shall never risk a second such mental agony with any one else.