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They believed that they were nearer the coast than the mountains, and as they had plenty of provisions,-for the natives had left them nearly everything,-they thought they would try to push on, for a while at least. "'There was a bit of rising ground to the east, and they thought if they could get on the top of that they might get a sight of the ocean, and then discover how far away it was.
Of course, if the war goes on Percy and I, as officers, must return to our duty, but I am willing to obtain all the sick leave I can get; for although I still believe in the individual bravery of the French soldiers, I am quite convinced that it is altogether out of the question that-with their want of organization, want of generals, want of officers, want of discipline, want of everything-they can drive out the magnificent armies of Germany.
Nowadays they laugh at everything-they even laugh at the word lady.
They then began to eat with very great relish and very leisurely, making the most of each morsel-very small ones of everything-they took up on the point of the knife; and then all at the same moment raised their arms and botas aloft, the mouths placed in their mouths, and all eyes fixed on heaven just as if they were taking aim at it; and in this attitude they remained ever so long, wagging their heads from side to side as if in acknowledgment of the pleasure they were enjoying while they decanted the bowels of the bottles into their own stomachs.

Examples of Everything-they

Example #1
They reached the top of the rising ground, and they did not see the ocean, but a little ahead of them, in a smooth stretch of sand, was something which amazed them a good deal more than if it had been the sea.
Example #2
Then Shirley and Burke did not know what to do.
Example #3
I have not quite got over that swim; and the surgeon said, without my applying for it, that I must have prolonged rest so, at the end of the month, he extended it for two months longer.
Example #4
Do not do more than your duty, for heroism is now of no use to France.
Example #5
I married you, and I don't ....
Example #6
Nowadays they laugh at that!