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They saw that the gentlemen at table were a very nice set of fellows, and as they had evidently had to rough it, much more formerly, than was necessary at the present day, they should make up their minds to think well of everything-to look only at the advantages of the Colony-and in their letters to any London friends, they were resolved decidedly to recommend the place-but not a word about the mud.
We strangely accustom ourselves to everything,-to war and bloodshed, to sickness and pain, to the death of friends; and that which was a bitter sorrow at first, sinks into a quiet sadness.
I implored her-She can do nearly everything-to pluck him for me.
It is everything-literally, EVERYTHING-to her.
To strut and languish; to exhibit every beauteous lure; to sacrifice ease, comfort, speed, everything-to beauty-for her sake-this is the nature of the he-bird of any species; the characteristic, not of the turkey, but of the cock!

Examples of Everything-to

Example #1
The Town of Adelaide, as depicted on the maps, is the very beau ideal of all possible cities-there is an elegance and vastness of design about it, that almost makes one blush for the comparative insignificance of London and Stromboul; of Paris and Canton;-but on going to the spot, like many other works of art and imagination, it resembles the picture very slightly-it is altogether on too large a scale; and of all the follies committed by the inexperience of the surveyor-general, who is, nevertheless, in every other respect a most gentlemanlike, entertaining, and intelligent person, next to its inland situation, this monstrous extent of Adelaide will turn out to be the most fruitful of complaints.
Example #2
They were, at any rate, great travellers, and were determined to make light of troubles and inconveniences, as all travellers do.
Example #3
And this not constant, but arising as occasions or trains of thought call it forth.
Example #4
Life is like a procession, in which heavy footsteps and gay equipages, and heat and dust, and struggle and laughter, and music and discord, mingle together.
Example #5
She began by turning him over with a little stick, as if he were a horse chestnut.
Example #6
Last of all, on our way back, I discovered near the park gate-saw it before She did-one of those invincible beasts called hedge-hogs, the mere sight of which brings us dogs to bay.