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In other company-Batty Langton's, for example-he would have answered cynically that to him the phenomenon of a natural born lady would first of all suggest a doubt of her mother's virtue.
He had adored his wife and lost her young; and thereafter, though exquisitely courteous to ladies when he met them- on the hunting-field, for example-he could not endure one within the walls of Penalune.
Schneider, the brewer, for example-he was one of those who cursed the Allies most vehemently, and he had been in this bomb-conspiracy.

Examples of Example-he

Example #1
The Collector peeled his walnut and smiled to himself.
Example #2
Old stocks fail, die away underground, and, as time goes on, are forgotten; then one fine day up springs a shoot nobody can account for.
Example #3
Sir John was a widower and confined his hospitality to men.
Example #4
He said this regularly as he dined at Penalune when, after dinner and wine and songs, the hour came for the 'brandy-mixing' before the guests dispersed.
Example #5
Jimmie was indignant; Comrade Schneider was as good a Socialist as you could find, and Socialists had nothing to do with bombs!
Example #6
So the questioner led Jimmie on to talk about the Germans in the movement.