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For example-is it your opinion that we should kill off the weak and diseased, and all that can't jump around? GERMAN.
For example,-Is a community to be considered a Christian church in which the "doctrine of Balaam" is taught?
Work that was once done by one highly specialised man-the making of a watch, for example-is now turned out wholesale by elaborate machinery, or effected in great quantities by the contributed efforts of a number of people.

Examples of Example-i

Example #1
I'd like to have you give us your sentiments in relation to the duty of man.
Example #2
That is so; there are no flies on us.
Example #3
Does the law of charity require the recognition of an organization as a Christian church, in which a "Jezebel would be suffered to teach, and to seduce the servants of Christ?
Example #4
Perhaps no two persons would include in one category the same denominations of professing Christians.
Example #5
Each of these people may bring a highly developed intelligence to bear for a time upon the special problem in hand, but that is quite a different thing from specialising to do that thing.
Example #6
No doubt this is an age when everything makes for wider and wider co-operations.