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How to use excitement-it in a sentence. Excitement-it pronunciation.

The excitement or the reaction from excitement-it must be the one or the other-had resulted in weakness showing itself, naturally, at her weakest point-that delicate throat.
Had these attacked on the morning following what was virtually a victory-whilst still flushed with triumph and excitement-it would have needed all the efforts of the English to hold their position, against so formidable an attack.

Examples of Excitement-it

Example #1
When life was calm and orderly, and her mind was at peace, the trouble would pass, and she could get a position of some kind.
Example #2
But when morning came her throat was once more slightly off-enough to make it wise to postpone the excursion in search of a trial for musical comedy.
Example #3
The Afghans, however, contented themselves with occupying several walled villages near the cantonment, and keeping up an incessant fire upon it.
Example #4
They arrived on the morning of the 16th, and the general had no longer any anxiety as to his ability to hold the cantonments-for months, if necessary-against the attacks of the Afghans.