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Definition of Excruciation

  • The act of inflicting agonizing pain, or the state of being thus afflicted; that which excruciates; torture.
  • the infliction of extremely painful punishment or suffering
  • a state of acute pain

How to use excruciation in a sentence. Excruciation pronunciation.

She reached the stage, in the gradual excruciation of her nerves, when she was obliged to concentrate her agonized mind on an intense and painful expectancy of the next new noise, which when it came increased her torture and decreased her strength to support it.
It is possible the matter might have blown over without more excruciation if nothing else had happened.
Who are you passing every day at your Competitive Excruciations?

Examples of Excruciation

Example #1
She went through all the interminable dilatoriness of the dawn, from the moment when she could scarcely discern the window to the moment when she could read the word 'Bock' on the red circlet of paper which had tossed all night on the sea of the counterpane.
Example #2
She saw herself dying in Paris, and heard the expressions of facile sympathy and idle curiosity drawn forth by the sight of the dead body of this foreign woman in a little Paris hotel.
Example #3
But when things begin to happen they are apt to keep on.
Example #4
Avonlea scholars often spent noon hour picking gum in Mr. Bell's spruce grove over the hill and across his big pasture field.
Example #5
The fortunate candidates whose heads and livers you have turned upside down for life?
Example #6
As to company in injury, I have company enough.