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So calm were his nerves, crippled and half roasted as he was ere he mounted the scaffold, that when one of the executioners was slightly injured in the ear by the flying from the handle of the hammer with which he was breaking the fatal pistol in pieces, as the first step in the execution-a circumstance which produced a general laugh in the crowd-a smile was observed upon Balthazar's face in sympathy with the general hilarity.
There was a certain conscientiousness about it, a certain thoroughness of execution-a certain plodding and painstaking carefulness, in a word, such as is possible only to those who have spent years in guiding fat-witted tourists among the antiquities of the Lichfield Historical Association.
After reflecting about it all day, I have found a trick which is worth putting into execution,-a famous trick, that will drive him crazy.

Examples of Execution-a

Example #1
It is true that these attributes had been conferred upon him ad interim, but it depended only upon himself to make the sovereignty personal and permanent.
Example #2
In his hands were the powers of war and peace, joint control of the magistracies and courts of justice, absolute supremacy over the army and the fleets.
Example #3
That thrashing was, in its way, a masterpiece.
Example #4
Then he thrashed the man who had annoyed Patricia Stapylton.
Example #5
While avenging the insult offered to the Order in my person, we shall be feeding the sacred animals of the Egyptians,-little beasts which are, after all, the creatures of God, and which man unjustly persecutes.
Example #6
At two in the morning, as they were beginning to "siroter" (a word in the vocabulary of the Knights which admirably expresses the act of sipping and tasting the wine in small quantities), Max rose to speak:- "My dear fellows!