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How to use experience in a sentence. Experience pronunciation.

This Fridolin, after he had been brought into the presence of the countess by her husband, didn't he then immediately become her lover-eh?" "You think so," answered Lemm, "because, most likely, experience-" He stopped short, and turned away in confusion.
If you could only take a larger view and not let yourself be bound down by your own experience-" "You'd better go," she said.
It is not due to his own personal experience- his ontogeny-but is due to the experience of his progenitors during the vast periods of time required for the evolution of the species to which he belongs, _i. e_., his phylogeny.
Our ability to meet the exact requirements of your case- our expert skill and care in fitting- are things no one else can give you- for no one else has had our forty years of professional experience- no one else has learned _how_, as we have.

Examples of Experience

Example #1
Lavretsky uttered a forced laugh.
Example #2
But what is your opinion?
Example #3
We are approaching a time when the edifice will be shaken to its mouldering foundations, and presently, while the Church and the State are wrangling and quibbling, as they soon must be, over the loathsome divorce laws, these mandarins will wake up to find the marriage laws themselves are being threatened by a new generation sick of the archaic tomfoolery that controls them.
Example #4
Like every other human shift, it is a thing that gets out-grown by the advance of humanity towards higher ideals and cleaner liberties.
Example #5
The wounding stone made an impression upon the nerve receptors in the foot similar to the innumerable injuries which gave origin to this nerve mechanism itself during the boy's vast phylogenetic or ancestral experience.
Example #6
This is not a voluntary act.