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We have all stayed at home with our friends and our families, and we have had no special prosperity, but neither have we met with losses, and it grieves us to think that you, who were once as prosperous as any of us, should now feel-I should say experience-in any manner the pressure of privation.
Similarly the problem whether the composite consists of simple elements is insoluble, because the assumption that the phenomenon of body is a thing in itself, which, antecedent to all experience, contains all the parts that can be reached in experience-in other words, that representations exist outside of the representative faculty-is absurd.
Rare, decidedly rare, but less rare in children than in adults-at any rate in my experience-in my experience.
For myself, I am not forty years old; I have not bent my pride beneath the yoke of experience,-in short, I am a woman too young to be anything but odious.

Examples of Experience-in

Example #1
Miss Shott was about to say something here, but Mrs. Hembold touched her on the arm, and she waited.
Example #2
But you have come back shipwrecked and disappointed in your business, and we want to show you that, while we would not hurt your feelings for anything in the world, we would like to help you a little, if we can, just as we would hope you would help us if we were in any embarrassment.
Example #3
Matter is infinitely divisible, no doubt, yet it does not consist of infinitely numerous parts, and just as little of a definite number of simple parts, but the parts exist merely in the representation of them, in the division (decomposition), and this goes as far as possible experience extends.
Example #4
The question of the quantity of the world is unanswerable, because the concept of a sense-world existing by itself _(before_ the regress) is self-contradictory.
Example #5
Near them a vast kiln of ware in process of firing showed a white flaming glow at each of its mouths in the black winter darkness.
Example #6
And the next morning wandering about the yards of the manufactory in a storm of icy sleet a little before five o'clock, he learnt from a more experienced companion that nobody would provide him with kindling for his fire, that on the contrary everybody who happened to be on the place at that hour would unite to prevent him from getting kindling, and that he must steal it or expect to be thrashed before six o'clock.