Expressionlessly in a sentence

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How to use expressionlessly in a sentence. Expressionlessly pronunciation.

Rocky said expressionlessly, “A Texan.
The Avalon Section G agent said, “I haven’t the authority to control the movements of other agents, they have as high rank as I have,” he added, expressionlessly, “and probably higher than yours.
He looked at her, expressionlessly. LaVerne said, “We’ve caught several hundred of those responsible.

Examples of Expressionlessly

Example #1
The secretary shrugged and looked at the card again.
Example #2
What was the other one?
Example #3
Then as soon as we can clear exit visas, we’ll make immediate way for Avalon.
Example #4
Miss Tog and I can double check here.
Example #5
They struck simultaneously, throughout the country.
Example #6
They’ve fouled up the records of the State Medical Licensing bureaus, at the same time sabotaging the remaining records of most, if not all, of the country’s medical schools.