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The painter might be about thirty-five years old; he had a clever, intelligent countenance, with a sharp gray eye-his hair was dark brown, and cut a-la-Rafael, as I was subsequently told, that is, there was little before and much behind-he did not wear a neck-cloth; but, in its stead, a black riband, so that his neck, which was rather fine, was somewhat exposed-he had a broad, muscular breast, and I make no doubt that he would have been a very fine figure, but unfortunately his legs and thighs were somewhat short.
No tear moistened his eye-his grief was too despairing for tears; it preyed upon his heart, drank the vital streams of life, and burst in convulsive sighs from his burning bosom.

Examples of Eye-hi

Example #1
He recognised my brother, and appeared glad to see him.
Example #2
At length we were shown into the studio, where we found the painter, with an easel and brush, standing before a huge piece of canvas, on which he had lately commenced painting a heroic picture.
Example #3
Alonzo seriously contemplated on the incidents and events of this tragical story.
Example #4
The wretched Malcomb here ended his tale of woe.