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A satisfactory discussion of this and cognate topics connected with unbelief is given in a popular but instructive book, _Infidelity, its aspects, causes, and agencies_, a Prize Essay (1853) of the Evangelical Alliance, by the Rev. T. Pearson, Eyemouth, N. B.
Willie Calder had settled at Eyemouth as a maker of fishing nets, and he had made more out of twine than ever we were like to do out of the whin-bushes and sand-links of West Inch.
There was a Barbary rover that had been at Eyemouth, and he was coming back in five years in a ship full of gold to make her his wife; and then there was a wandering knight who had been there also, and he had given her a ring which he said he would redeem when the time came.

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We shall enumerate these according to the order of the lectures; dwelling briefly on the majority of them, as being described elsewhere; and describing at greater length those only which relate to the history of the theological movements in Germany described in Lectures VI.
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There remains a fourth source of materials in the separate monographs on particular men, opinions, or schools of thought.
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So his daughter, Edie Calder, came over with a braw red frock and a five shilling bonnet, and a kist full of things that brought my dear mother's eyes out like a partan's.
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Some years before, when I was still but a lad, there had come over to us upon a five weeks' visit the only daughter of my father's brother.