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The red lips of the Eurasian smiled upon her circle of adulators, but her eyes-her unfathomable eyes-followed every movement of the Greek.
Suddenly-and it was all through the loving mournfulness of Becky's streaming eyes-her face looked more like a child's not so much too old for her years.

Examples of Eyes-her

Example #1
When they departed, it was Gianapolis, and not Olaf van Noord, who escorted them to the door and downstairs to the street.
Example #2
Helen Cumberly absorbed his entire attention; in everything he sought to claim her interest; and when, ere taking their departure, the girl and her friend walked around the studio to view the other pictures, Gianapolis was the attendant cavalier, and so well as one might judge, in his case, his glance rarely strayed from the piquant beauty of Helen.
Example #3
She held out her hand and gave a little sob.
Example #4
She tried to begin a smile, and somehow she could not.