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Out of the mass of works of pilgrims during the fifteenth century I select just one more as typical of the theological view then dominant, and this is the noted book of Felix Fabri, a preaching friar of Ulm.
For Fabri (Schmid), see, for his value, Robinson; also Tobler, Bibliographia, pp.
F Ex libris Iacobi Fabri stapulen.

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Example #1
In the realm of morals, too, serviceable as the idea of firebrands thrown by the right hand of an avenging God to scare a naughty world might seem, any competent historian must find that the destruction of the old theological cometary theory was followed by moral improvement rather than by deterioration.
Example #2
In the realm of religion the Psalms of David remain no less beautiful, the great utterances of the Hebrew prophets no less powerful; the Sermon on the Mount, "the first commandment, and the second, which is like unto it," the definition of "pure religion and undefiled" by St. James, appeal no less to the deepest things in the human heart.
Example #3
But, as Christianity took control of the world, there came a great change.
Example #4
These germs were transmitted to Roman thought; an atmosphere of tolerance continued; there was nothing which forbade unfettered reasoning regarding either the earth's strata or the remains of former life found in them, and under the Roman Empire a period of fruitful observation seemed sure to begin.
Example #5
Censura Erasmi super tertiam regulam sancti Augustini.
Example #6
Colloquia Erasmi. Paraphrases in nouum testamentum.