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How to use fact-she in a sentence. Fact-she pronunciation.

Treat it as a fairy- tale-no woman is ever supposed to know anything for a fact,-she is too stupid.
As she is legally free to bestow her hand on me-and only a brute's horns could contest the fact-she may decide to be married the day after to-morrow, and get the trousseau in Paris.

Examples of Fact-she

Example #1
You can receive the narrative with the usual incredulity common to men; I shall not attempt to argue the pros and cons with you, because I never argue.
Example #2
But, if you like, I will tell you the story of the construction of the Great Pyramid, and why it is unlikely that anyone will ever find the treasures that are buried within it.
Example #3
She has a turn for startling.
Example #4
I have debated in my mind with parliamentary acrimony about a choice of wedding-presents.