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Definition of Faience

  • Glazed earthenware; esp., a fine variety that which is decorated with colorful designs in an opaque glaze.
  • glazed earthenware decorated with opaque colors

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The latter exist by the thousand, to be sure, but they are generally small statuettes, a few inches high, in bronze, wood, or faience.
When one's as pretty as she one can afford-well, quite cheap faience.
Let not your curiosity induce you, however, to pass by a modest white villa which overlooks the stream, enclosed in a fresh little court; for here dwells an artist, - an artist in faience.
Windows, broader than they are high, occupy the whole of the front; and behind these windows, spread luxuriantly in porcelain or faience or earthen flowerpots, plants of every description; geraniums, verbenas, fuchsias-and this absolutely without exception.
He brought me a lovely tropical parrot in faience, of Dresden ware, also a man ploughing, and two mice climbing up a stalk, also in faience.

Examples of Faience

Example #1
And even if sculptors had been encouraged to do their best in bodying forth the forms of gods, they would hardly have achieved high success.
Example #2
Moreover it is clear that the best talents of sculptors were engaged upon portraits of kings and queens and other human beings, not upon figures of the gods.
Example #3
She ought never to wear anything but muslin-without the sprig," said Rosier reflectively. "Wouldn't you even allow her the sprig?
Example #4
If Miss Osmond should have everything pretty it would be enough.
Example #5
There is no sort of sign, and the place looks peculiarly private.
Example #6
Follow the bright little quay down the river till you get quite out of the town, and reach the point where the road beside the Loire be- comes sinuous and attractive, turns the corner of dimi- nutive headlands, and makes you wonder what is be- yond.