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This sect are a mischief to all the world and destructive of treaties and covenants; they are a source of trouble and baleful to all lands; they have kindled a fire and consumed the earth; and though they be outwardly fair-seeming yet are they deserving of every chastisement and punishment,” yet still the Bábís continued to conduct themselves with patience, calmness, deliberation, and constancy, so that they did not, even in self-defense, importune [the occupants of] high places or frequent the houses of any of the magnates of that kingdom.
A sandwich, not too meaty at the centre, coffee tasting strangely of other things sold in a pharmacy, a segment of pie fair-seeming on its surface, but lacking the punch, as he put it, of Metta Judson's pie, a standardized, factory-made, altogether formal and perfunctory pie-these were the meagre items of his accustomed luncheon and dinner.
But ye hearkened not unto the sweet melodies of the Spirit, and gave ear unwittingly unto Our enemies, they who follow the promptings of their corrupt inclinations, whose deeds the Evil One hath made fair-seeming in their own eyes, and whose tongues utter calumnies against Us.

Examples of Fair-seeming

Example #1
Certain of the nobles came to see and converse with them, and these, as is related, behaved with moderation.
Example #2
On the third day, because of the straitness of their quarters and the greatness of their numbers, they migrated and moved to another house.
Example #3
He had abandoned breakfast, partly because it cost money and partly because a gentleman in eastern Ohio had recently celebrated his hundred and third birthday by reason, so he confided to the press, of having always breakfasted upon a glass of clear cold water.
Example #4
Not only had the fare purveyed by his favourite pharmacy put a blight upon him equal to Broadway's blight, but even of this tasteless stuff he must be cautious in his buying.
Example #5
Wherefore have ye then cast the command of God behind your backs, and followed in the footsteps of them that are bent on mischief?
Example #6
We came not unto you to spread disorder in your lands or to sow dissension amongst your peoples.