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After visiting Jasper Kimber at Heddington, as I came back over the hill by the path we all took that day after the Meeting-Ebn Ezra Bey, my father, Elder Fairley, and thee and me-I drew near the chairmaker's but where thee lived alone all those sad months.
England rushed back upon him-the love of those at home; of his father, the only father he had ever known; of Faith, the only mother or sister he had ever known; of old John Fairley; the love of the woods and the hills where he had wandered came upon him.
Norwood C. Fairfax, second lieutenant, Eagle Rock, Va. John R. Fairley, first lieutenant, Kansas City, Mo. Clifford L. Farrer, first lieutenant, El Paso, Tex.

Examples of Fairley

Example #1
It was late evening; the sun had set.
Example #2
Now for the strange thing I hinted.
Example #3
There was work to do in England, work too little done-the memory of the great meeting at Heddington flashed upon him.
Example #4
Would he not prove to be as much out of place as was the face of that English girl?
Example #5
Leonard J. Faulkner, first lieutenant, Columbus, O. William H. Fearence, first lieutenant, Texarkana, Tex.
Example #6
Leslie H. Engram, second lieutenant, Montezuma, Ga. Alexander E. Evans, first lieutenant, Columbia, S.C. Will H. Evans, second lieutenant, Montgomery, Tex.