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How to use fall-out in a sentence. Fall-out pronunciation.

Eleanor and me have just have a fall-out, and I want to walk my anger off.
Filthy thing for fall-out, though, if it goes off.
Our explosives are extremely powerful, but there is no radioactivity and no danger from the fall-out.
The whole camp had now clustered round the fallen men, the professor grotesque in his thickly lathered face, Dick intensely interested and enjoying this fall-out among thieves, the experts and financial men voluble and uneasy.

Examples of Fall-out

Example #1
I'm going back to London to-night!...
Example #2
He met Uncle William crossing the Square, and suddenly he realised how old Uncle William was, and how tired he looked.
Example #3
Where'll I flip it, Clee?
Example #4
Down the _Pleiades_ went, into the air of the nation known as the "Allied Republican Democracies of the World," and an atomic-warheaded rocket came flaming up.
Example #5
The danger is from flash-blindness, flash-burn, sheer heat, shock-wave, concussion, and flying debris of all kinds.
Example #6
Any and all persons on the properties will be killed; any within a radius of ten of your miles may be killed.