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How to use fallest in a sentence. Fallest pronunciation.

Nay truly, answered Panurge, Friar John, my left ballock, I will believe thee, for thou dealest plain with me, and fallest downright square upon the business, without going about the bush with frivolous circumstances and unnecessary reservations.
And therewith his words ran into gibber and yelling, and he rolled about and smote at the grass: but in a while he grew quiet again and sat still, and then fell to laughing horribly again, and then said: "But thou, fool, wilt think It fair if thou fallest into Its hands, and wilt repent it thereafter, as I did.
Ah, if thou now fallest? HOTHER.
Oh! if thou now fallest. HOTHER.
Rather withdraw thee whensoever thou fallest in with him, lest even contrary to thy fate thou enter the house of Hades.

Examples of Fallest

Example #1
Well, quoth Panurge to the Semiquaver friar, who happened to be by, dear bumbasting, shaking, trilling, quavering cod, what thinkest thou of this fellow?
Example #2
Give order that henceforth they live not, like idle gentlemen, idly upon their rents and revenues, but that they may work for their livelihood by breaking ground within the Paphian trenches.
Example #3
Oh, the mocking and gibes of It, and the tears and shrieks of It; and the knife!
Example #4
O alien, what other Lady is there?
Example #5
And if I now fall? NANNA.
Example #6
Ah then his fame cheereth His bride in her thrall. NANNA.