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How to use fartherest in a sentence. Fartherest pronunciation.

Gale had the upper position, fartherest to the right, and therefore was best shielded from possible fire from the higher ridges of the rim, some three hundred yards distant.
I, however, succeeded with trembling hands, and drove the oxen, but keeping myself at the fartherest possible distance from them and the log.
The boys departed to make whistles with the new knives, Pearl offering a prize for the shrillest and fartherest reaching; to be tried at twelve o'clock noon, and silence settled once more on the kitchen.

Examples of Fartherest

Example #1
Jim came next, well hidden in a crack.
Example #2
It sloped down and opened to an unobstructed view of the crater.
Example #3
When I finally arrived at the pile, Mr. Robinson and some other men, cut a hole with an ax in the log, and killed the large, venomous rattle-snake that had occasioned me so much alarm and such a cruel beating.
Example #4
I never can forget the mortal agony I was in, while compelled by his kicks and blows to return and fasten the chain around the log containing the deadly serpent.
Example #5
Isn't it queer, ma, how hard people can be on each other.
Example #6
When Pearl placed a box in his hands, which contained the makings and full directions for setting up a red and black box-kite, a picture of which in full flight adorned the cover, a war-whoop of joy rent the air.