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The vessel in front came nearer and nearer; and presently she rounded-to under the _Muscadine's_ stern, the old well-known Union Jack of Old England floating up to the masthead the while, and a hearty voice hailing the merchantman through a speaking-trumpet from her quarter-deck, not half a cable's length away, in true nautical fashion- "Ship ahoy!
In spite of the reverend name of Wordsworth (whose poetry, be it remembered, too often wants that element of hardihood and manliness which is supposed to be the birthright of mountaineers), one cannot help, as a lowlander, hoping that there is a little truth in the threnodes of a certain peevish friend who literally hates a mountain, and justifies his hatred in this fashion:- 'I do hate mountains.
Once there, he fell upon his knees, and prayed after the following fashion-: "Allah, forgive me the lies which I have just uttered before the gates of Thy holy temple.
A few days after reading your address, I interpreted to myself your remarks on one point (I hope in some degree correctly) in the following fashion:- Any character of an ancient, generalised, or intermediate form may, and often does, re-appear in its descendants, after countless generations, and this explains the extraordinarily complicated affinities of existing groups.

Examples of Fashion

Example #1
I-I-I-hear," faltered out the first mate, while the perspiration stood out in great beads of fright on his forehead.
Example #2
The corsair was standing by the side of Mr Tompkins, close by the taffrail.
Example #3
I would not live among them for ten thousand a year.
Example #4
Surely the influence of mountain scenery is exaggerated now-a-days.
Example #5
And with this flourish of promises, Achmed Pacha entered the mosque.
Example #6
In the Christian camp Max Emmanuel was making ready to storm the city; and his troops, with beating hearts, were eagerly awaiting the signal to begin the assault.