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How to use fast-but in a sentence. Fast-but pronunciation.

Hold it fast;-but follow it out, and say boldly, the ideal of humanity must be one who has conquered nature-one who rules the universe-one who has vanquished death itself; and conquered them, as Bacon says, not by violating, but by submitting to them.
We may be traveling, now, forty or fifty miles an hour; and as I agree with you, as to the look of the clouds before starting, I believe that we are doing so-or, at any rate, that we are traveling fast-but in what direction, or at what rate, I have no means, whatever, of knowing.
Thou didst send her where she could not learn fast-but she did learn.
As we speed northward it will grow hotter very fast-but it isn't chilly, now. . . .

Examples of Fast-but

Example #1
Captain Putnam brought out a square box into which ballots might be cast.
Example #2
But since it was that he must die so soon, then the loan he promised must now be a gift from the dead, if he be dead, if he be not shamming.
Example #3
If you could see no banks, or other stationary objects, you might believe yourself to be standing still; while you were being drifted forward, at the rate of twenty miles an hour.
Example #4
It is just as if you were in a boat, at night, upon a rapid stream.
Example #5
And now, God, I do not know where she is!
Example #6
Oh, take care of her, come near to her!