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The region of the tale is Henenseten, or Herakleopolis, now Ahnas, a little south of the Fayum.
Hence we are led to look for the Sekhet Hemat, or salt country, in the borders of the Fayum lake, whence the journey would be southward, and across the desert.
At the present time the lake of the Fayum is brackish, and the cliffs which border it contain so much salt that rain pools which collect on them are not drinkable.
A chance discovery of fossils in the Fayum district in Egypt led Dr. C. W. Andrews to make a special exploration, and on the remains which he found he has constructed a remarkable story of the evolution of the elephant.

Examples of Fayum

Example #1
There is not a single point of incident here which might not be true in modern times; every turn of it seems to live, as one reads it in view of country life in Egypt.
Example #2
The essence of the tale is the difference in social position between the Sekhti, or peasant, and the Hemti, or workman-the _fellah_ and the client of the noble; and the impossibility of getting justice against a client, unless by some extraordinary means of attracting his patron's attention, is the basis of the action.
Example #3
This lake was not regulated artificially until the XIIth Dynasty; and hence at the period of this tale it was a large sheet of water, fluctuating with each rise and fall of the Nile, and bordered by lagoons where rushes would flourish, and where salt and natron would accumulate daring the dry season of each year.
Example #4
The district of the Sekhti is indicated by his travelling south to Henenseten, and going with asses and not by boat.
Example #5
The paths and roads of Egypt are not protected by law as in Western countries.