Feelingless in a sentence

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How to use feelingless in a sentence. Feelingless pronunciation.

Oh, and you thought that I was dumb and feelingless?
To the gay, feelingless music, he thought out his departure in detail, sparing himself nothing.
Whose echoes sport with Balder's lamentations, Each cold, each feelingless, as Nanna's bosom, The fair, unpitying savage! THOR.

Examples of Feelingless

Example #1
You mustn't weep; but as for me, why, I am a woman and tears are a woman's inheritance.
Example #2
There, sit down again and let me talk, for I am started now.
Example #3
But in the long interval after the second act, when they were downstairs on the LOGGIA, where it was still half daylight; where the lights of cafes and street-lamps were only beginning here and there to dart into existence; where every man they met seemed to notice Louise with a start of attention: here Maurice was irrevocably convinced that it would be madness to resign his hard-won post without a struggle.
Example #4
Who could say how long the wall he had built up round her-of the knowledge he shared with her, of pity for what she had undergone-would stand against the onset of this morbid, overmastering desire?
Example #5
Where should strength and valour blossom, Land of rocks, if not in thee? BALDER (he springs up, but THOR remains sitting, like one in deep thought).
Example #6
Thou sighest, then-and vainly? BALDER.