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Life has its moments-has its feelings-to which we may be allowed to allude, but on which it is not good to dwell.
Indeed, I dreaded the moment that I should be first alone with her, and should find myself forced to say something indicative of my feelings-to hear something also indicative of her feelings.
At last, as I told you, I found a friend to whom I opened all my feelings-to whom I confessed everything.
What would I have given to have been allowed only one half-hour to myself-one half-hour in which I might be permitted to compose my excited feelings-to have returned thanks for such unexpected happiness, and paid a tribute to the memory of so sincere a friend?

Examples of Feelings-to

Example #1
Of what did they both think?
Example #2
Only an almost imperceptible tremor was seen to move the eyelashes of the eye which was visible to him; only still lower did she bend her emaciated face; and the fingers of her clasped hands, enlaced with her rosary, still more closely compressed each other.
Example #3
I had come out this morning resolved to demand my rights and to exercise them-and now my only wish was to man away.
Example #4
I should leave Seville as quickly as I could, and should certainly not again put myself in the way of the Marquis D'Almavivas.
Example #5
He was a man who had gone through very deep experience, and could understand the different wants of different minds.
Example #6
I had no faith; I only felt utterly wretched, under the power of habits and dispositions which had wrought hideous evil.