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How to use feet-for in a sentence. Feet-for pronunciation.

Such a storm as that may be compared to the 'fancy' you suppose I feel for the woman who has dragged us both here to die at her feet-for that, I believe, is what it will come to.
We'll all give the war-whoop at the same moment, takin' the word from Walter there, who's got a loud pipe of his own, then when the varmints start to their feet-for I don't like the notion o' firin' at men off their guard-Walter, Larry, an' Stiff will fire.
Then he howled with fright-howled so loudly that the old man sprang to his feet-for while the left eye had been fast asleep the evil one was broad awake and looking at him with a ghostly glare.
While those who could get nowhere else sat down on the sand, and cuddled her feet-for no one, you know, wear shoes in the water, except horrid old bathing-women, who are afraid of the water-babies pinching their horny toes.

Examples of Feet-for

Example #1
Life is not possible under the strain of emotion with which we two are living it. ...
Example #2
And have you seen the wild storm breaking from a black cloud and suddenly making that quiet expanse nothing but a tourbillon of furious elements, in which the very sea-gull's cry is whelmed and lost in the thunder of the billows?
Example #3
Now, then, lads, here's our plan: we'll attack them from six different points at once.
Example #4
I fear me that his days are over.
Example #5
In another second the commandant was at the window whirling his trusty Toledo about his head, lopping ears and noses from the red renegades who had followed in the track of the first.
Example #6
He came beside the bed and looked attentively at the governor, sleeping there in the light of a candle.