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He was to have joined Hopalong and Red, if Red had arrived, at Dent's at noon the day before, and now it was after nine o'clock at night as he rode through San Felippe without pausing and struck east for the canyon.
He had come to San Felippe to get a look at the canyon on Friday nights, and Martin had given him an excuse entirely unexpected.
CHAPTER V THE GHOST OF THE SAN MIGUEL Juan Alvarez had not been in San Felippe since Dick Martin left, which meant for over a month.
These cow-punchers liked to get drunk and gallop through San Felippe, shooting like crazy men.
Then, afraid to go away and leave the mad cow-punchers so close to town, he ordered them to drive their herd farther east, nearer to Dent's store, and never to return to San Felippe unless they needed the padre; and they obeyed him after a long talk.
After seeing them settled in their new camp, which was on Monday morning, Martin returned to San Felippe and told the padre where he could be found and then rode away again.
San Felippe celebrated for a whole day and two Mexican babies were christened after Senor Dick Martin, which was honor all around.
Not long thereafter another Mexican appeared, this one from San Felippe, and also disappeared into the crevice.
He was to stop any one trying to escape up the San Felippe end of the canyon trail, and his confidence in his ability to do this was exuberant.

Examples of Felippe

Example #1
The dropping trail down the canyon was serious enough in broad daylight, but at night to attempt its passage was foolhardy, unless one knew every turn and slant by heart, which Johnny did not.
Example #2
Johnny Nelson was always late, and on this occasion he was later than usual.
Example #3
For this he was truly grateful, even while he knew that the American had tried to pick a quarrel with him and thus rid the border of a man entirely too clever for the good of customs receipts; and failing in that, had hoped the treacherous canyon trail would gain that end in another manner.
Example #4
Half an hour ahead of him on another trail rode Juan, smiling with satisfaction.
Example #5
Martin was down the river looking for a man who did not wish to be found; and some said that Martin cared nothing about international boundaries when he wanted any one real bad.
Example #6
And the friends who watched them go heaved signs of relief, for the reprisals evidently were to be postponed for a while.