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How to use fellow-african in a sentence. Fellow-african pronunciation.

Then his fellow-African told Maka a great deal more, and Maka told everything to the captain.
It seemed strange that Inkspot should have deserted the vessel, for it was a long way to the shore, and, besides, what possible reason could he have for leaving his fellow-Africans and taking up his lot among absolute strangers?
At first Maka thought that his fellow-African was trying to sink the ship by opening a seam, but he soon realized that this notion was absurd, and so he let Inkspot go on, being very curious to know what he was doing.
Inkspot was a fellow-African, and he had barely escaped punishment for his former misdeed.
He had come to look upon his fellow-African as a very low creature, not much better than a chimpanzee.

Examples of Fellow-african

Example #1
The substance of the tale was this: A mile farther up the bay than Maka had gone, there was a little stream that ran down the ravine.
Example #2
When the other man told his tale, Maka agreed with him that it would be far better to die of thirst than to go on any farther to look for water, and, turning, he ran back, followed by the other, and they never stopped to speak to each other until they had rounded the great bluff, and were making their way along the beach toward the camp.
Example #3
The crew had all worked together so earnestly and faithfully that the captain had come to believe in them and trust them to an extent to which he had never before trusted seamen.
Example #4
This was a very depressing thing, under the circumstances, and it, almost counterbalanced the pleasure the captain felt in having started a letter on its way to his party in France.
Example #5
In a few minutes he knew.
Example #6
Inkspot worked with as little noise as possible, but he was evidently bent upon forcing off one of the boards on the side of the forecastle.