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How to use ferrum in a sentence. Ferrum pronunciation.

Jovis ira, nec ignis, Nec poterit ferrum, nec edax abolere vetustas.
Nothing but a cloud of elements organic, C. O. H. N. Ferrum, Chor.
Quid crepuit quasi ferrum modo?
I nunc, et ferrum turba molesta nega.

Examples of Ferrum

Example #1
The Author of this celebrated Poem was of this his last composition: for although he had not the happiness of an academical education, as some affirm, if may be perceived, throughout his whole Poem, that he had read much, and was very well accomplished in the most useful parts of human learning.
Example #2
Rapin (in his reflections) speaking of the necessary qualities belonging to a poet, tells us, he must have a genius extraordinary; great natural gifts; a wit just, fruitful, piercing, solid, and universal; an understanding clear and distinct; an imagination neat and pleasant; an elevation of soul, that depends not only on art or study, but is purely the gift of heaven, which must be sustained by a lively sense and vivacity; judgment to consider wisely of things, and vivacity for the beautiful expression of them, &c.
Example #3
Till one Monday morning, when the flow suspended, There was no De Sauty.
Example #4
Wasted to a shadow, with a hartshorn odor Of disintegration.
Example #5
What was it-a sort of clinking sound?
Example #6
Hic apud me hortum confodere iussi.